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Own a Camel for the Weekend

Camel Calcutta 24 May 2019

Empty the piggy bank, grab your form guide and round up your mates. It’s Calcutta time, get ready to bid on your favorite Camel but be WARNED they are hot property!

Live entertainment. Sit back and relax or enjoy an ice-cold beverage from the Outback Bar; the official watering hole of Uluru Camel Cup 2019.

How the Camel Calcutta works and race rules

All camels must be fit and healthy to race 
1. All camels must be pegged with a nose peg
2.  All racing camels may use a winch camel to assist getting to starting stalls 
3.  All jockeys must wear helmets that meet Australian safety standards 
4.  All ridding crops must be padded 
5.  Zero alcohol policy for jockeys, handlers and stewards before and during camel races 
6.  The race starter has the call to start the race (Jockeys and handlers are not to make the call unless authorised by caller)
7.  All camels must be behind the start line and in the stalls to be qualified to race (A camel may start at the rear of stalls) 
8.  All jockeys must not interfere with other camels and jockeys during races
9.  The stewards’ decision is final (Including but not limited to protest)

Qualifying Races finals 
1.  The prior year Uluru Camel Cup winner automatically qualifies for the cup race 
2.  All other camels must qualify for finals though a heat process 
3.  The first place camel in each heat qualifies for the Uluru Camel Cup final 
4.  Second place camels in each heat qualify for the plate final
5.  Third place camels qualify for consolation race (quarter mile flyer)
6.  Fourth and fifth place camels may enter in heat 4 and 5 if there is availability 
7.  Uluru Camel Cup final will consist of a maximum of 6 camels max, 5 qualifying camels and prior year
8.  Uluru Camel Cup winner if in attendance 
9.  Plate final to consist of a maximum of 5 camels 
10.  Consolation race (quarter mile flyer) final to consist of a maximum of 5 camels

If your camel places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Uluru Camel Cup race be sure to join the jockey and camel for champagne, trophies and photos.



Grab a bite to eat from the Bough House restaurant, enjoy the Outback Buffet Dinner.

Dinner Details
Bough House Restaurant | Open 5:30-9:30pm

Kick start your Uluru Camel Cup weekend with a traditional Aussie dinner.  Buffet includes, spit roast beef with homemade gravy, roast pork with homemade apple sauce, mini-prawn cocktails, antipasto and chacuterie selections, and much more. Treat yourself to a delicious dessertselection of homemade tarts and slices, chocolate mousse, fresh fruit platters, and individual mini pavlovas. All whilst experiencing our warm and friendly Outback service. Tables are limited so don’t hesitate, book now on 1300 134 044

In the Main Bar
• BBQ Bar opens 5:30-9pm
• Pioneer Kitchen opens 6:30-9:30pm
• Bar food available 9:30pm to midnight
• Bar open to midnight

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